Next Week On General Hospital: November 4, 2019

Alexis hasn’t been feeling herself lately and her loved ones are beginning to worry. Look for her condition to worsen. Will the dire situation stir up some old feelings? Meanwhile, Brad finds himself having to do some quick thinking thanks to Julian’s scheming. Can he convince Lucas that he isn’t cheating on him? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Mediocre or even bad stories are instantly elevated simply by making the audience feel. It doesn’t take much, just show us the happiness that is at stake. I hope that this is the direction that Alexis’ current storyline takes.

It would be nice to see the sadly underused Alexis involved in the Cassadine mystery that is brewing instead of being poisoned by protein shakes as revenge for Keifer’s death. The writers could have easily used her mother’s watch as a key to discovering the true Cassadine heir. Some deep dark family secret regarding Alexis’ mother and her tragic demise could be used to drive choices regarding new beau Neil while exploring lingering feels for Julian. Alas, instead an evil newbie is giving Alexis bad fitness tips.

The story doesn’t seem all that bad though now that Alexis’ life is at stake and some emotional beats are beginning to play. I liked seeing Molly fretting over her mother’s health, something many of us can relate to. It also showed how much TJ and Molly are already family when he came to the hospital to be by her side. This would be a good opportunity to see the future doctor in action. It was very sweet to see Alexis’ friend Finn show concern as he realized her illness was something more serious than the flu. I like their friends with benefits turned just friends connection. What I’m looking forward to the most though is seeing how this situation will change Alexis’ relationships with both Neil and Julian.


  • Lucas slings accusations.
  • Brad approaches Julian.
  • Valentin feels relieved.
  • Laura reels from what has transpired.
  • Maxie is worried.


  • Julian shows his support for Ava.
  • Franco comes to a realization.
  • Elizabeth receives terrible news.
  • Kim seeks closure.
  • Brad gains the upper hand.


  • Finn is not ready to face Anna.
  • Alexis takes a turn for the worse.
  • Jax stops Laura.
  • Cassandra issues a threat.
  • Sam and Jason’s curiosities are piqued.


  • Sam has some important questions.
  • Cassandra is worried and scared.
  • Nina visits Nathan’s grave.
  • Jax calls upon Carly.
  • Martin visits Nelle.


  • Charlotte has dessert with Maxie and Lulu.
  • Jason gets an alarming phone call.
  • Julian heads to the hospital.
  • Ava keeps quiet.
  • Bobbie feels loved.

Up Next:

  • Jason looks to confront Jax.
  • Robert clashes with Peter.
  • Sonny and Ava have a meeting about Avery’s well-being.
  • Franco makes a decision.

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