Next Week On General Hospital: November 9, 2020

Franco hasn’t been thinking clearly since he received the bad news about his tumor. Fearing the worst, he wants to protect his loved ones from what he may become even if it costs his own life. Jason isn’t sure what to think of Franco’s request yet and is set to investigate. The artist will turn to Scotty next. Meanwhile, Liz can sense that something is troubling husband. Will she learn his diagnosis? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

I know some viewers are having a really hard time with Franco lying. I don’t like it myself as secret keeping is already an obstacle that we’ve watch Franco and Liz overcome. It seems a bit repetitive in that sense. However, I think it works for this story to have a delay in Liz finding out about the tumor because of the emotional beats. We get to see Franco’s quiet panic as he processes what the return of his tumor might mean. Not only does he not want his family to go through the pain of watching him fade into a monster before their eyes but he’s worried he’ll go back to the numbness he had before and not be able to love them. I’m not sure if we would be able to get those emotions if Liz was told right away because I feel like she’s going to be the brave one in this story.

The last few stories for Franco and Liz haven’t been great and as a fan I would have prefered to see them go on a romantic adventure instead of a cancer story. The world is in the middle of a pandemic and stories about death are hardly great escapism. That being said I remain cautiously optimistic. The GH writers have given away many moments of triumph that should have belonged to Liz. I want to see her be the hero this time.

Monday TV-14-DLV

  • Peter is anxious for an update.
  • Chase visits the chapel to pray.
  • Valentin meets with Martin.
  • Julian admits he wasn’t entirely honest.
  • Portia treats Trina with a new phone.

Tuesday TV-14-L

  • Robert looks for answers.
  • Willow comforts Chase.
  • Lulu runs into Cyrus.
  • Ned checks on Alexis.
  • Curtis follows a lead out of town.

Wednesday TV-14-LV

  • Jason gets an unexpected visitor.
  • Dante puts himself in danger.
  • Franco meets with Scotty.
  • Sonny is pleasantly surprised.
  • Chase is caught off guard.

Thursday TV-14-LS

  • Brando makes a promise to Carly.
  • Nina confronts Cyrus.
  • Michael receives an important document.
  • Chase comes clean to Brook Lynn.
  • Elizabeth is determined.

Friday TV-14-LSDV

  • Willow is honest with Michael.
  • Nina gets a lead on her missing child.
  • Monica counsels Ned on his relationship with Brook Lynn.
  • Sasha gets in over her head.
  • Carly makes a chilling discovery.

Up Next:

  • Chase continues the ruse.
  • Britt may be in over her head.
  • Laura advises Lulu to take her time.
  • Jason spends quality time with Danny.

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