Next Week On General Hospital: October 1, 2018

Laura is back! A lot has happened in Port Charles during the fan favorite’s absence. Look for Laura to notice that things aren’t as she left them, most importantly that her loving husband seems a bit off. Will she be able to figure that Kevin is really Ryan? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Like many fans, I was very disappointed when Genie Francis was taken off contract earlier this year. While the success of Luke and Laura saved GH in the ’80s, my love for Francis’ character doesn’t have a lot to do with nostalgia. I watched the actress when she played Diane on Days of our Lives well before I ever saw her in the role of Laura. I didn’t witness Luke and Laura’s wedding or see them save the world from the Cassadine’s weather machine. I started watching GH in the ’90s when the pair was less adventurous and more gritty realism. It took me awhile to like these characters as a result.

While the super couple were iconic in their heyday, eventually it became important for Laura to no longer be Luke’s angel. Luke’s exit allowed Laura a dramatic shift of perspective. Her recent romance with Kevin was a pleasant surprise, giving Laura an emotionally mature relationship for perhaps the first time in her life. Francis and Jon Lindstrom have excellent chemistry and the soap veterans have created a very modern couple. I’m anxiously awaiting for the former damsel in distress to become the town’s heroine once again.

Monday – TV-14-L

  • The possibile repercussions of the connection between the body discovered at Charlie’s has Sonny rattled.
  • Jordan has disappointing news.
  • Mike turns to Carly for assistance.
  • Lucy won’t take no for an answer.
  • Curtis gets his hands on the truth.

Tuesday – TV-14-LD

  • Nina is left shaken.
  • With his future bleak, Oscar keeps Drew at arm’s length.
  • Julian agrees to draw back for the time being.
  • Jason does his best to ease Sonny’s concerns.
  • Chase and Lulu’s friendship deepens.

Wednesday – TV-14-L

  • Cameron finds himself put in the middle of an awkward situation.
  • Monica offers her support to her family.
  • Maxie senses something is off with Nina.
  • Curtis gets the information he has been looking for.
  • Lulu gets a pleasant surprise.

Thursday – TV-14-DLS

  • Sonny puts Ava in her place.
  • Kristina steps up to help.
  • Maxie remains skeptical.
  • Nina wants to do what’s right.
  • Griffin gets some much needed reassurance.

Friday – TV-14-DLS

  • Sam is forced to admit her misgivings.
  • Kim challenges Oscar.
  • Cameron refuses to continue to lie for Oscar.
  • Liz gets a surprise visit at the hospital.
  • Griffin’s intentions are pure.

Up Next:

  • Sam makes a bold move.
  • Margaux has an ace up her sleeve.
  • Felicia makes an announcement.

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