Next Week On General Hospital: October 12, 2020

Ned made a really big mistake by not trusting his wife. Olivia would never cheat him and now he’s cheated on her. Will Ned chose to keep his one night stand with Alexis a secret or will he come clean to her? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Monday TV-14-DL

  • Ava struggles.
  • Elizabeth is torn.
  • Gladys continues to argue for Brando.
  • Ned learns the truth.
  • Britt delivers an ominous warning.

Tuesday TV-14-DL

  • Anna makes a decision.
  • Maxie makes a bold move.
  • Julian is desperate for an update.
  • Nina offers to help.
  • Sasha disappoints Lucy.

Wednesday TV-14-L

  • Brook Lynn is put on the spot.
  • Mac calls out Robert on his trepidation.
  • Sasha feels helpless.
  • Curtis picks up TJ for dinner.
  • Portia rips into Jordan.

Thursday TV-14-DL

  • Sonny considers his future.
  • Maxie gives Spinelli an ultimatum.
  • Brando is grateful.
  • Brook Lynn tears into Valentin.
  • Olivia grows annoyed with Ned.

Friday TV-14-L

  • Jason and Sonny strategize.
  • Ava reassures Julian.
  • Nik seeks out Alexis for help.
  • Dev manipulates Cameron.
  • Monica’s plan goes horribly wrong.

Up Next:

  • Carly is called into the PCPD.
  • Sam looks for help with Aurora.
  • Willow tries to talk to Chase.
  • Jordan gains insight into Britt’s involvement with Cyrus.

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