Next Week On General Hospital: October 15, 2018

Oscar hasn’t been dealing with the news that he’s dying very well at all. Will he continue to make poor choices and hurt those around him? Will his parents be able to reason with him? Remember to tune into General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

While concealing the truth was an odd choice for Kim, it feels an even odder choice for Oscar to continue to keep his condition a secret given how angry he is at his parents for lying. Oscar’s excuse for lying is he wants Joss to remember him fondly as her first love. If that’s the case then shouldn’t he be showering her with affection instead of doing his best to hurt her? Does he want to be her first love or the jerk who gave her trust issues? And if he’s so upset about dying, why is he so against the experimental treatment? I’m sure the intent is for me to sympathize with Oscar but I feel the opposite.

I was excited when I first learned that Oscar had an inoperable brain tumor. I really liked the story with Franco, Liz, Drew and Sam when Harvey trapped the guys in a basement last Spring. Roger Howarth and Billy Miller have great chemistry and this story was a nice set up to capitalize on that. While I’m still warming up to Kim, I love her as Liz’s new gal pal. I also love the idea of Cam and Joss forming a relationship while dealing with the loss of a friend. Seeing this group of characters try to maneuver such a real family situation would have been must-see TV. Instead the story is only about Oscar, the character that I find the least appealing. As a loyal viewer, I deserved family drama that rivaled This Is Us and Pose not a bad adaptation of a young adult novel.

Monday – TV-14-L

  • Carly is hit with a surprise.
  • Sonny’s conversation with Jason is cut short.
  • Drew debates how far he’s willing to go.
  • Elizabeth visits Sam to discuss Oscar amongst other things.
  • Lulu’s marriage continues to feel the stresses of distance.

Tuesday – TV-14-DLS

  • Jason seeks out Monica’s help.
  • Ava finds a new drinking buddy.
  • Kiki gets an idea.
  • Nina has an intriguing theory.
  • Maxie pretends to be surprised.

Wednesday – TV-14-L

  • Drew weighs his options.
  • Sonny puts everything into perspective.
  • Maxie offers some words of encouragement.
  • Nina is taken aback.
  • Peter gets a second chance.

Thursday – TV-14-L

  • Kim leans on Bobbie for support.
  • Alexis begins her day with Julian.
  • Cameron can’t help himself.
  • Curtis and Jordan make a decision about their future.
  • Elizabeth and Franco discuss their complicated life.

Friday – TV-14-L

  • Sonny has an important update for Jason.
  • Drew makes his decision.
  • Jordan has news for Curtis.
  • TJ calls Stella out in her behavior.
  • Peter catches a break.

Up Next:

  • Alexis tries to help Kristina.
  • Kim pays Sam a visit.
  • Finn is pleasantly surprised.

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