Next Week On General Hospital: October 21, 2019

The hearing to determine whether “Drew” will be forced to have an experimental procedure to restore Franco is set to begin. Will Franco’s family win the fight? Scott and Elizabeth may find themselves with an ace up their sleeves thanks to some new information. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

GH is tackling the story line of Franco having Drew’s memories downloaded into his brain by trying to connect the sci-fi situation to reality, comparing it to social issues such as addiction, mental health and gender identity. This may seem like a good idea on paper but the powers that be didn’t take into account viewers’ perception. Fans just see a man being kept from his family because of a computer virus.

Social issue stories on soaps opera can be really informative and powerful to watch. However after the oversaturation of ripped from the headlines storytelling, I was hoping to enjoy a light, slightly silly yet romantic story line that was pure fantasy. In GH’s attempt to be edgy rather than campy, they’re essentially trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.


  • Brad receives a surprise bouquet of flowers.
  • Ava hits the floor.
  • Michael’s impatiences intensifies.
  • Hayden let’s her guard down around Elizabeth.
  • Felicia expresses her concerns.


  • Jason hopes Laura can provide some answers.
  • Elizabeth’s words strike a cord with Julian.
  • Finn makes plans to see Hayden.
  • Curtis is on the defense.
  • Robert joins Laura for a quick check in.


  • Jordan vouches for Franco’s heroism.
  • Alexis needs to do her part.
  • Elizabeth feels emotional.
  • Jason spends time with Danny.
  • Michael notices a change in Josslyn.


  • Monica is visibly upset.
  • Kim is in for a surprise.
  • Finn doesn’t understand what has happened.
  • Ava returns to the gallery.
  • Laura and Curtis have a brainstorming session.


  • Thinking he’s gotten away with his lies, Valentin remains smug.
  • Ava storms out.
  • Kim makes a startling confession.
  • Maxie grows curious.
  • Diane is confident she can win.

Up Next:

  • Lucas and Brad head to couples therapy.
  • Sonny offers Franco an outlet.
  • Jax compares notes with Hayden.
  • Lulu reveals a more captivating side to Dustin.

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