Next Week On General Hospital: October 26, 2020

Halloween in Port Charles is always full of surprises. Look for things to get spooky as Maxie’s loved ones gather to celebrate her birthday. Spinelli is determined more than ever to expose Peter. Will his latest plan work? Meanwhile, Trina’s eagerness to clear her father’s good name could lead to more than anyone bargained for. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

As an impending storm approaches Port Charles, Trina and Joss decide to meet up with Cameron and Dev at Charlie’s before heading off to a Halloween party for the night. Unbeknownst to them, Julian notices the kids are being watched a little too closely by a masked individual. Uneasy and unable to shake the feeling that something is off, Julian confronts the man. Meanwhile, Carly is stunned when Cyrus brings a familiar acquaintance to dinner at the Metro Court. And elsewhere, Finn and Anna’s plans to take Violet trick-or-treating are hampered when Finn is called back to GH, leaving Anna alone, unaware that a particularly evil threat awaits her.

Monday TV-14-LV

  • Julian intercedes.
  • Maxie is defensive.
  • Lulu looks to Kevin for advice.
  • Anna enlists Finn’s help.
  • Spinelli is determined to expose Peter.

Tuesday TV-14-L

  • Dante is apologetic.
  • Anna asks Kevin for help.
  • Chase questions Sasha’s erratic behavior.
  • Nina rejects Valentin.
  • Carly confides in Jax.

Wednesday TV-14-DLSV

  • Nikolas tempts Ava.
  • Sasha makes a new friend.
  • Chase apologizes to Brook Lynn.
  • Franco makes a curious move.
  • Epiphany opens up to Liz about her breakup with Milo.

Thursday TV-14-DLV

  • Maxie celebrates her birthday with loved ones.
  • Spinelli looks to Sonny for advice.
  • Julian entertains an offer from Nikolas.
  • Portia tends to Franco’s needs.
  • Trina is eager to repair Taggert’s reputation.

Friday TV-14-LSV

  • Franco receives troubling information.
  • Anna learns the truth.
  • Peter receives a disconcerting call.
  • Spinelli pretends to support Maxie.
  • Valentin proposes an extreme solution.

Up Next:

  • Joss learns about her great-great grandmother.
  • Julian is desperate to reach Ava.
  • Franco makes Jason an unsettling proposition.
  • Sam hits Alexis with an ultimatum.

Check out this classic GH clip below:

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