Next Week On General Hospital: October 28, 2019

Many of Port Charles’ relationships are tested this coming week as couples look to overcome their obstacles. Lucas has been confused by Brad’s anxious behavior and hopes to sort things out in couples therapy. Will the doctor discover what’s really bothering his husband? Or will he just be feed more lies? Meanwhile, Elizabeth wants her husband back but will the court see things from her perspective? Look for a decision to be made about “Drew’s” future. Regardless of the outcome, with Kim now exposed Elizabeth may have at least won one battle in this war. Be sure to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Alexis is duped.
  • Lucas and Brad head to couples therapy.
  • Julian is surprised.
  • Scott has an idea.
  • Chase and Michael’s friendship is tested.


  • Sonny offers Franco an outlet.
  • Scott looks for help.
  • Bobbie offers her condolences.
  • Elizabeth is distraught.
  • Peter has an idea for Maxie.


  • Cameron apologizes to Jason.
  • Curtis is excited.
  • Sasha and Michael have a tense cross.
  • Ava takes extreme measures.
  • Laura tells Jax her theory.


  • Jax compares notes with Hayden.
  • Michael grows impatient.
  • Alexis battles the flu.
  • Hayden and Finn make progress.
  • Lulu is seen kissing Dustin.


  • Laura has her doubts.
  • Julian continues to undermine Brad.
  • Elizabeth gets a call.
  • Joss is forced to deal with the consequence of her actions.
  • Lulu reveals a more captivating side to Dustin.

Up Next:

  • Laura reels from what has transpired.
  • Franco has a realization.
  • Finn is not ready to face Anna.
  • Nina visits her brother’s grave.

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