Next Week On General Hospital: October 29, 2018

It’s Halloween week in Port Charles and there’s an inmate missing from the asylum! Carly and Laura are just a little too close to the truth for Ryan’s liking thanks to a visit to Ferncliff. Is his charade about to be exposed or will he find another way to redirect the ladies’ attention? A nervous serial killer can’t be a good thing. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The return of Ryan Chamberlain has given GH a much-needed villain. Ryan has settled into his brother’s life but not without raising the eyebrows of Kevin’s loved ones. Laura in particular has grown very confused by his strange behavior. Meanwhile, the gorgeous and troubled Ava Jerome has caught his attention. Ryan always had a thing for blonds and he incorrectly believes that he has found a kindred spirit. His attempts to attract her could have deadly consequences.

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Monday – TV-14-DL

  • Kevin sees a glimmer of hope.
  • Michael meets Sonny for a drink.
  • Curtis receives more disappointing news.
  • Stella puts her foot down.
  • Finn isn’t sold on Anna’s plans.

Tuesday – TV-14-LDV

  • Sonny formulates a plan.
  • Laura and Carly make a pact.
  • Anna looks for help from an unlikely source.
  • Michael drowns himself in denial.
  • Mary Pat gets in over her head.

Wednesday – TV-14-DL

  • Mac and Felicia step up to help Laura with her campaign.
  • Ryan sets his sights on his new infatuation.
  • In an effort to help Aiden socialize, Franco puts a Halloween party together.
  • Nina meets Valentin for dinner.
  • Jason gets a sweet surprise.

Thursday – TV-14-LSV

  • Cameron makes a discovery.
  • Jordan and Curtis continues their wedding planning.
  • Michael and Chase connect regarding their experiences with Nelle.
  • Ava challenges Carly.
  • Laura kicks off her fundraising competition.

Friday – TV-14-LSV

  • Carly’s experience at Ferncliff continues to haunt her.
  • Scotty wants to lend a hand.
  • Ava defends her decision.
  • Chase stumbles upon something gruesome.
  • Valentin is issued a warning.

Up Next:

  • Lucas gains a new perspective.
  • Brad shares a secret with Britt.
  • Elizabeth questions Cameron’s motivation.
  • Sonny proves his point.

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