Next Week On General Hospital: October 7, 2019

Nina may think she is about the have the happiest day of her life but an exposed deception may change that. Lulu is struggling with whether to tell everyone what she overheard. Will the truth about Sasha finally be revealed? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!


  • Lulu is on edge.
  • Jax is proud of Joss.
  • Sonny returns home.
  • Carly apologizes.
  • Spinelli makes a discovery.


  • Lulu’s declaration is confirmed.
  • Jax opens his home.
  • Dustin is protective.
  • Jordan comforts Curtis.
  • Ava visits Ryan.


  • Spinelli gets to work in helping Sam.
  • Peter cringes.
  • Robert has sad news.
  • Monica visits Franco.
  • Elizabeth is ruthless.


  • Valentin is indignant.
  • Michael supports Sasha.
  • Charlotte has brunch with Lulu.
  • Hayden and Finn have an awkward cross.
  • Jason confides in Sam.


  • Nina is thrown for a loop.
  • Josslyn is optimistic.
  • Brad requests Julian’s help.
  • Neil needs more information.
  • Alexis is selective.

Up Next:

  • Peter takes a meeting with a mysterious woman.
  • Obrecht gets an enlightening phone call.
  • Brad attends Nelle’s parole hearing.
  • Cameron tracks Kim down.

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