Next Week On General Hospital: October 8, 2018

On Friday’s General Hospital, things finally started heating up between Sam and Jason. Sharing time with Danny has brought back some old feelings of their desire to have a happy family together. Will they be able to finally reach their goal or will a reunion remain out of grasp? Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

It’s been roughly a year since Jason’s return and we’re finally getting a glimpse of the passion this couple once shared. Maybe the often talked about triangle between Sam and the Quartermaine twins will even take off depending on how things play out the next few weeks. Honestly, as frustrating as the lack of story moment has been, I’d kind of prefer for Jason, Sam and Drew to all find someone else to share their time with at this point.

The odd choice to not play the emotional beats in what should have been the major story of the year has soured a lot viewers. It felt like the show was afraid to make any bold moves, knowing that at least one fandom would be disappointed. I’m not sure what was behind the non-story we got but it seems GH is finally ripping off the band-aid. Jason wanting Sam should have been a visible constant; Drew’s struggle with whether he needs to still hold Sam close or let go should have really hit much sooner; Sam’s point of view as she weighed her options should have been the driving force of the story. I’m happy some of the beats are finally being played but the momentum which would have made this must-see TV has been lost.

Monday – TV-14-LSV

  • Jordan has news that won’t sit well with Margaux.
  • Sam makes a bold move with Jason.
  • Kiki lambastes Ava.
  • Valentin finds himself put on notice.
  • Lulu sympathizes with Nina.

Tuesday – TV-14-L

  • Margaux has an ace up her sleeve.
  • Kim looks to take drastic measures.
  • Oscar decides to make a change.
  • Jason wants to take his time.
  • Drew gets an important call.

Wednesday – TV-14-L

  • Jason is in agreement with Carly.
  • Mike lays out his concerns.
  • Oscar begins his day with Liz.
  • Julian offers his advice.
  • Finn is taken aback.

Thursday – TV-14-DL

  • Margaux stands firm in her decision.
  • Felicia makes an announcement.
  • Griffin looks forward to his future with Kiki.
  • Maxie feels a bit let down.
  • Scotty and Ava catch up with each other.

Friday – TV-14-L

  • Nina realizes she may have made a mistake.
  • Sam has a late lunch date with Alexis.
  • Jordan shares her regrets.
  • Michael is nervous.
  • Aiden struggles at school.

Up next:

  • Ava finds a new drinking buddy.
  • Maxie offers words of encouragement.
  • Alexis starts her day with Julian.
  • Drew makes his decision.

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