Next Week On General Hospital: September 10, 2018

The kids are not alright on General Hospital. Nina has jumped to the conclusion that her baby survived. Unbeknownst to her, Valentin and Curtis are attempting to track down her missing daughter. Will this search lead somewhere unexpected? Meanwhile, the angst is in overdrive for GH’s teen set. The audience just learned that Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor. His parents are hiding the truth from him for now but their son may know more than they think. Cameron continues to act out much to his mother’s dismay. Will Liz be able to get a handle the situation? Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

Monday – TV-14-LV

  • Maxie cautions Nina not to get her hopes up.
  • Valentin gets an update from Curtis regarding Nina’s daughter.
  • Brad’s feelings are mixed.
  • Carly is furious.
  • Michael is tormented with grief.

Tuesday – TV-14-LV

  • Julian calls upon Alexis.
  • Sonny demands answers.
  • Drew spends time with Sam.
  • Franco has doubts about himself.
  • Liz is upset with Cameron’s behavior.

Wednesday – TV-14-LV

  • Mike is shaken-up.
  • Chase shares an important discovery.
  • Sonny is challenged.
  • Franco is left unnerved.
  • Oscar acts impulsively.

Thursday – TV-14-LV

  • Margaux and Jordan join forces.
  • Kristina confides in Sam.
  • Maxie is confused.
  • Peter gains a little perspective.
  • Lulu takes caution.

Friday – TV-14-LS

  • Carly calls Sonny out on his actions.
  • Jordan and Margaux continue to put their heads together.
  • Kim tears into Drew.
  • Nina remains hopeful that her daughter can be found.
  • Curtis has an important update for Valentin.

Up Next:

  • Robin puts things into perspective.
  • Franco has an interesting encounter.
  • Julian acknowledges his part in past actions.
  • Sonny feigns ignorance.

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