Next Week On General Hospital: September 14, 2020

Sonny and family prepare to say farewell to Mike. Look for Sonny to receive support from those around him. Meanwhile, Dante received some bad news. Is he close to returning home or has he hit an expected obstacle. Michael and Willow’s marriage starts to become more real as the couple continue to grow closer. Sonny’s youngest gets some quality time with her mother. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Monday (TV-14-DLS)

  • Britt confronts Julian.
  • Liz apologizes to Franco.
  • Nina tells Jax about her mother.
  • Ned lashes out at Lucy.
  • Sasha offers to help.

Tuesday (TV-14-DLS)

  • Sonny looks to Felix for support.
  • Portia has news for Brook Lynn.
  • Carly gets the closure she needs.
  • Ava decompresses at the cabin.
  • Dante gets devastating news.

Wednesday (TV-14-L)

  • Stella is sympathetic.
  • Sonny reminisces about what might have been.
  • Carly gives Jason an update.
  • Michael and Willow grow closer.
  • Brando has a moment with Josslyn.

Thursday (TV-14-L)

  • Sonny receives an unexpected gift.
  • Michael reaches out to Brook Lynn.
  • Ava spends time with Avery.
  • Nina feels hopeful.
  • Ned offers to help Alexis.

Friday (TV-14-DLV)

  • Robert is backed into a corner.
  • Alexis meets with Portia.
  • Molly is caught off guard.
  • Curtis loses his temper with Stella.
  • Cyrus taunts Sam.

Up Next:

  • Liz and Franco fight over finances.
  • Molly struggles with the guilt of her actions.
  • Valentin defends Alexis.
  • Ava drops off Avery at Sonny’s.

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