Next Week On General Hospital: September 16, 2019

Lulu and Dustin have taken their flirtation to the next level. With her marriage having just ended, how will Lulu’s friends and family react? Look for Laura and Curtis to get an unexpected surprise while at the Haunted Star. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Lulu hasn’t had much to do since Dante left town. While “Lante” is a very popular couple, a legacy character like Lulu deserves more than just waiting around for her prince to return. My first impressions of Dustin are pretty favorable. Emme Rylan and Mark Lawson have chemistry and look good together. We don’t know much about him yet but I’m more interested in Lulu’s story now than I have been in a long time.


  • Julian makes a bold decision.
  • Obrecht requests Brad help her with a family matter.
  • Chase lends Franco a hand.
  • Nina is thrilled for Sasha.
  • Laura and Curtis are in for a surprise.


  • Laura gets an interesting proposition.
  • Willow notices that Michael is upset.
  • Obrecht finds Valentin’s predicament entertaining.
  • Julian explains his restraint.
  • Kim is a bundle of conflicted emotions.


  • Shiloh makes a cryptic phone call.
  • Peter wants to wrap things up and move on.
  • Jason is perplexed.
  • Dustin leaves Lulu flustered.
  • Josslyn comforts her friend.


  • Nina is full of determination.
  • Laura is troubled.
  • Alexis’ services are retained.
  • Michael set his plan in motion.
  • Kristina is ambivalent.


  • Shiloh testifies in his own defense.
  • Lulu shows her support.
  • Peter is suspicious.
  • Sonny checks in at Kelly’s.
  • Jason feels uneasy.

Up Next:

  • Sam rushes to the Haunted Star.
  • Elizabeth tells Cameron about Franco.
  • Josslyn has an emotional moment in English class.
  • Maxie meets with Spinelli.

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