Next Week On General Hospital: September 17, 2018

The parents of Port Charles continue to struggles next week on General Hospital. Franco wants his new family happy but recent clashes with Cameron have him doubting himself. Will a session with Dr. Collins help ease his fears? Meanwhile, his bride-to-be does her best to deal with Cameron’s new rebellion while also feeling a mother’s loss. Oscar doesn’t know he’s dying yet and look for that to create some conflict between Kim and Drew. How long will the truth stay hidden? Remember to watch GH daily and set you DVRs!

I know some fans find Oscar incredibly sweet but I’ve been pretty underwhelmed with the character. I don’t really care too much about what happens to him as a result. That being said, I’ve surprisingly liked this story line so far due to how it impacts the family dynamics surrounding it. I like the idea of Kim, Drew, Liz and Franco all working through this tragedy together.

What Kim is going through has certainly had an effect on Liz. The friendship is new so I’m not sure if Kim is aware that Liz suffered losing a son. While Jake did turn up alive years later, Liz still had a very long and hard grieving period. Franco, who never really had much of a family himself, is not only learning to deal with the rough patches of fatherhood but trying to connect to his newly discovered foster-brother. Drew has always seemed to have good instincts when it came to being a family man, but he’s not sure how to process the news that his son has a brain tumor. Kim has decided to keep the truth from Oscar however, it’s clear that Drew has different thoughts on the matter. Kim has been a parent to Oscar for his whole life but does she really know what’s best in this situation? Meanwhile, the unsuspecting young adults don’t realize the real troubles ahead of them.

Monday – TV-14-DL

  • Robin puts things in perspective.
  • Franco has an intriguing session with “Kevin”.
  • Cameron is dishonest with Liz.
  • Kim and Drew make a pact.
  • Josslyn issues an apology.

Tuesday – TV-14-LS

  • Nina and Anna come full circle.
  • Lucy gets a surprise invitation from “Kevin”.
  • Maxie is perplexed.
  • Liz demands Cameron say he’s sorry.
  • Kim keeps things light with Julian.

Wednesday – TV-14-DLV

  • Carly is desperate to help Michael.
  • Lucas receives an important update.
  • Nina pushes Maxie for answers.
  • Lulu oversteps her boundaries.
  • Kiki and Griffin run into each other.

Thursday – TV-14-DL

  • Ava’s temper gets the better of her.
  • Julian acknowledges past mistakes.
  • Mike has a surprise for Sonny.
  • Lucas is on the receiving end of troublesome information.
  • Carly becomes curious.


  • Sam issues Jason some advice.
  • Sonny feigns ignorance.
  • Drew puts Kim on the spot.
  • Cameron calls Oscar out.
  • Finn is caught in an ambush.

Up Next:

  • Michael apologizes to Carly.
  • Kim and Drew pull an overnighter.
  • Jason makes a confession.

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