Next Week On General Hospital: September 2, 2019

Elizabeth has convinced Scott that legal action is needed to get Franco back. After all, Franco literally is not in his right mind. FrancoDrew isn’t ready to cease to exist and is determined to make up for lost time. While Kim is fully aware that Franco is not Drew, look for her to have trouble resisting the urge to regain something she has lost. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

The initial introduction of Franco with Drew’s memories missed a few beats in my opinion. Shouldn’t he have been more freaked out about waking up in the wrong body? Shouldn’t his first interaction with Kim be a plea for help instead of a string of pick up lines? But the past week really grabbed a hold of my interest with the story focus being placed on the women most affected by this mind swap.

In a recent interview with Michael Fairman, Roger Howarth commented on this wild story and his role in it. “It’s flashy that Franco is Drew, but it is really an Elizabeth/Kim story.” He’s correct! It is about Liz and Kim’s choices and what motivates those choices. Kim has been wrapped in her own little world, bouncing back and forth from running away from her grief in the form of leaving town with Julian and trying to recreate what she has lost via her attack on Drew. Now, FrancoDrew has her reminiscing and considering what could have been. Kim knows it’s not real so the question is whether she’s desperate enough to care if it’s real or not.

Liz has been in Kim’s shoes in the past. Hiding Danny’s paternity and crying out to Jason “When is it going to be our turn!”, comes to mind. I appreciate that the GH writers are choosing to use Liz’s past to show her character growth. She’s learned from those mistakes and can recognize that Kim isn’t thinking clearly. While Kim is a victim of her own making, Liz is the tragic heroine who will go to great lengths to protect the man she loves and regain her family. It’s nice to see her take control and exercise her legal rights.

Liz’s conversation with Scotty about taking steps to grant Liz legal guardianship of Franco was a very relatable moment in a very fantastical story. When Scotty protested “He might hate us anyways!” and Liz responded “Who cares! It’s only temporary!” it rang true for real life situations where one has to be willing to let someone they care about hate them to save them. Liz needs to be strong for both Franco and herself right now regardless of how he may feel about it in his current state.

Editor’s Note: Monday September 2, 2019 will be an encore episode due to the holiday. Original air date May 6, 2019 – Willow tells Kristina about her experience at DOD. Laura and Robert reconnect. Kevin and Ava fake a relationship in front of Scott and Lucy. Anna visits Jordan in the hospital. Finn tells Jordan the antibiotics aren’t working.


  • Cameron does his best to help out at home.
  • Julian is on the defense.
  • Sonny and Olivia discuss Dante’s complicated situation.
  • Gladys makes a surprise visit.
  • Hayden pushes Jax to take action.


  • Cameron feels confrontational after witnessing something upsetting.
  • Epiphany’s news is grim.
  • Alexis has disappointing information to share.
  • Peter gets a startle.
  • Felicia issues Robert a warning.


  • Alexis has her suspicions.
  • Julian tries to remain encouraging.
  • Elizabeth keeps a level head.
  • Finn needs more information.
  • Obrecht takes desperate measures.


  • Nina finds herself feeling overwhelmed.
  • Obrecht gets what she wants.
  • Jax has questions.
  • Nelle finds amusement.
  • Alexis and Diane catch up.

Up Next:

  • Michael makes an interesting observation.
  • Kim can’t help herself.
  • Elizabeth and Sam cross paths.
  • Julian reaches out to Alexis.

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