Next Week On General Hospital: September 21, 2020

Holly is alive! Who is behind her captivity? It may be awhile before we know seeing how Robert and Ethan have reached the conclusion that she is really dead. Look for this to just be the beginning of Olivia and Robert’s spy adventures. Be sure to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

As much as I love Dante, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to his return story. It appeared to be another bleak tale and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks GH needs to lighten up. Olivia’s part it the story saved it! It’s pure escapism, something we all really need right now. The lovely Lisa LoCicero was the perfect choice as this story’s heroine. The real-life crush on Tristian Rogers a.k.a. Robert Scorpio just added to the fun. Who wouldn’t want to go on a romantic European adventure with a super spy and battle a sexy villain while your handsome, rich husband waits at home?

Adventure stories are not impossible to tell on a modern soap despite what we’ve been told. I hope that Olivia’s spy games get a lot of positive feedback and that the writers keep the fun coming. With the sets up, I purpose that the next adventure be Franco and Liz’s long awaited honeymoon. After a few days of long overdue romance for the popular pairing, maybe they can stumble upon Hayden and help her get out of some trouble. Even something as frivolous as bumping into Nik and Ava’s art-obsessed nemesis Huxley and solving a mystery involving stolen art would be a much welcome distraction from the death and financial woes that we’re getting in real life.


Monday (TV-14-L)

  • Molly spends the afternoon with Alexis.
  • Ava drops off Avery at Sonny’s.
  • Nikolas runs into Elizabeth.
  • Cyrus ask Lulu to relay a message for him.
  • Curtis apologizes to Stella.

Tuesday (TV-14-DL)

  • Alexis is dismissive of Valentin.
  • Brando explains himself to Sam.
  • Dante becomes agitated with his Doctor.
  • Lulu and Elizabeth reminisce.
  • Cameron feels conflicted.
  • Franco asks Nina for a favor.

Wednesday (TV-14-DL)

  • Jason receives a troubling phone call.
  • Lulu comforts Sonny.
  • Jax feels guilty.
  • Stella checks in on TJ.
  • Molly struggles with the guilt of her actions.

Thursday (TV-14-DL)

  • Chase pays Carly a visit.
  • Liz and Franco fight over finances.
  • Julian asks Martin for help.
  • Sasha seeks help from a friend.
  • Ned is shaken.

Friday (TV-14-DL)

  • Valentin defends Alexis.
  • Ned lets his temper get the best of him.
  • Olivia blames herself.
  • Brook Lynn feels helpless.
  • Cameron confides in Joss.

Up Next:

  • Valentin is involved in an altercation.
  • Joss gets ready for Homecoming.
  • Sam confronts Julian.
  • Sonny gets a call about Cyrus.

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