Next Week On General Hospital: September 23, 2019

While the trial may not have gone in his favor, Shiloh has no intention of paying for his crimes. Look for the cult leader  to make a run for it and for a beloved Port Charles resident to get caught in a dangerous situation. Will the PCPD and Jason be able to catch Shiloh in time? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set you DVRs!

Coby Ryan McLaughlin has announced his exit from GH. The actor is very handsome and has a great screen presence but I’m more than okay to see Shiloh’s reign of terror come to an end. The sex cult story is by far one of the worst stories I’ve ever watched on a soap opera. It was more misogynistic than empowering, focused on new and underdeveloped characters, dumbed-down popular vets, dragged on way too long and, perhaps the most unforgivable, it was boring. This story needed wrapped up yesterday!

McLaughlin spoke of his experiences at GH on the podcast You May Have Seen. He was grateful for his time at GH and appreciated the fans.


  • Bobbie finds herself stranded.
  • Sam rushes to the Haunted Star.
  • Finn meets up with Peter.
  • Jax confronts Sonny and Carly regarding Joss’ treatment.
  • A frantic Kim comes clean.


  • Shiloh is reluctant.
  • Jason tries to reach Sam.
  • Peter collects money.
  • Maxie has a meeting with Spinelli.
  • Chase takes time to comfort Willow.


  • Brad apologizes for his misdeeds.
  • Sam is in peril again.
  • Chase heads to the docks.
  • Elizabeth fills Cameron in regarding Franco.
  • Laura is grateful to Peter.


  • Michael and Willow cross paths.
  • Sasha gets ready to meet Nina for dinner.
  • Chase brings a stretcher into the hospital.
  • Hayden and Curtis bump into each other.
  • Julian corrects Ava.


  • Jason gives Jordan his statement.
  • Carly goes to the hospital.
  • Olivia is up in arms.
  • Lulu is mortified.
  • Josslyn has an emotional moment in English class.

Up Next:

  • Curtis meets Laura for Lunch.
  • Valentin surprises Nina with a romantic gesture.
  • Lulu makes a confession to Dustin.
  • Peter is uneasy about his secrets.

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