Next Week On General Hospital: September 24, 2018

On General Hospital, the news that Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor has those who know thinking about their own families and holding onto those they love. It doesn’t seem that Kim’s well-kept secret about her son will continue to stay under wraps. Cameron has confronted Oscar with the truth, believing that he has kept his condition hidden from Joss. Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

Sam has put a little distance between herself and the Quartermaine twins, but has that absence made her heart grow fonder for one of them? Drew has come to the painful realization that he can no longer lean on Sam. Sam obliged his request though it’s clear that she would rather be there to support him through his family tragedy.

Sam’s wish to comfort Drew turned into a request for Jason be there for Drew instead. This isn’t the first time that Sam has asked Jason to help the man who took his place while he was held captive for years. Jason has always agreed to her requests because he loves her. I can’t help but wonder if at some point he will have had enough.

While Sam and Jason are still holding onto their past happinesses and regrets, Drew knows he needs to move on. Sam doesn’t know that Drew has developed a family of his own outside of the one they once shared. Drew and Kim have become friends with Franco and Liz. He’s not alone and has a solid support system of friends.

The current story is further establishing Drew as a family man. He wants to make the right choice for his son. While he contemplates what’s best for Oscar, as Franco points out, it’s not something that he can’t handle. Family doesn’t overwhelm him the way it sometimes does Jason. Sam has wanted nothing more than to have children and a happy home with Jason for over a decade. Jason is spending time with Danny (offscreen but it’s still happening) yet there is an uncertainty as to whether a family life with Sam is attainable. Drew gave Sam a home life with a loving husband and father for her children. But it wasn’t enough for her because he’s not Jason.

Monday – TV-14-LD

  • Sonny brings Jason up to speed.
  • Margaux may be onto something.
  • Carly has some questions.
  • Kim clashes with Drew regarding the situation with Oscar.
  • Cameron confronts Liz about what he has learned.

Tuesday – TV-14-L

  • Michael tells Carly he’s sorry.
  • Jordan and Stella go out for drinks.
  • Julian cautions Brad about the secret they are keeping.
  • Nina spends some quality time with Charlotte.
  • Valentin is pleased with Curtis’ progress in the search for Nina’s daughter.

Wednesday – TV-14-DLS

  • Sam comes to Alexis’ defense.
  • Julian’s continues to grow frustrated.
  • Kim and Drew pull an overnighter together.
  • Jason offers a shoulder to lean on.
  • Oscar searches for some perspective.

Thursday – TV-14-DL

  • Jason has a confession to make.
  • Anna is grateful to Chase for his help.
  • Griffin is forced out.
  • Peter expresses disinterest.
  • Maxie confronts Lulu.

Friday – TV-14-L

  • Sonny is caught off guard.
  • Jordan has disappointing news.
  • Mike requests assistance from Carly.
  • Lucy won’t take no for an answer.
  • Curtis gets his hands on the truth.

Up Next:

  • Oscar keeps Drew at arm’s length.
  • Cameron is stuck in the middle of an uncomfortable situation.
  • Sam is forced to admit her reservations.

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