Next Week On General Hospital: September 3, 2018

After a four episode hiatus, General Hospital back next week with all new episodes. Look for things to pick up where they left off on last Tuesday’s cliffhanger. What’s going on with Oscar? Has Kim been hiding her concerns about son? Terry has been consulting her on a medical case. Could the special patient in question be Oscar? Remember to watch GH daily and set your DVRs!

Things are about to go on angst overload with GH’s newly developing teen set. Oscar’s medical condition will surely cause concern for not only his family but his girlfriend Joss. Things have been a bit tense between the two recently. This crisis could either bring them closer or push them further apart. Meanwhile, Cameron may also have his eyes set on winning Joss’ heart. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a complicated young triangle. I miss the days when soaps had intriguing, messy teenagers.

Monday – TV-14-LV
Encore Episode
Original air date: February 9, 2018
The members of Port Charles mourn the loss of Detective Nathan West in a tribute episode

Tuesday – TV-14-LDV

  • Alexis becomes outraged.
  • Julian thinks Drew could be helpful.
  • Kim feels helpless.
  • Joss remains hopeful.
  • Cameron decides to use a situation to his advantage.

Wednesday – TV-14-LS

  • Kim shares a devastating secret.
  • Drew is puzzled by the situation.
  • Cameron is hit with a disappointment.
  • Sam offers her support.
  • Chase has good news.

Thursday – TV-14-DL  

  • Julian pushes for answers.
  • Nina gets everything in order.
  • Valentin receives a warning.
  • Jordan has a surprise for Curtis.
  • While hoping for the best, Ava is prepared if things don’t go her way.

Friday – TV-14-L

  • Nina has a wild idea.
  • Curtis gets a jolt.
  • Jason takes a diplomatic approach.
  • Josslyn and Oscar make a pact.
  • Sonny presses Mike.

Up Next:

  • Valentin gets an update from Curtis.
  • Margaux and Jordan worked together.
  • Kim tears into Drew.

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