Next Week On General Hospital: September 30, 2019

The day has come for the birth of Sonny and Carly’s baby! Look for Sonny to stay by his wife’s side as they face the complications together. With the new addition to the family, the Corinthos will never be the same. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of this story. While soaps are a great medium to use to bring awareness to real situations that families face, I think the choice to do this story with these characters is really weird. I don’t want Sonny and Carly to have any more children and the Corinthos family already has plenty of baby drama already with Michael’s story.

Carly’s pregnancy might have been a good story if it had created some drama for her marriage. What if the couple had some strong conflicting feelings about the best way to handle the situation? Something besides the occasional conversation in the kitchen? What if Jax saw things from Carly’s perspective and she began to lean on him? What if maybe Sonny began confiding his own fears with someone unexpected such as Ava? Having Carly and Sonny fight to remain together amongst the chaos would have been the kind of romantic story that soap opera fans enjoy.


  • Sonny arrives just in time.
  • Jordan is insistent with Sam.
  • Alexis feels relief.
  • Josslyn is caught off guard.
  • Nelle pleased by a meeting.


  • Julian’s heart is broken.
  • Kim makes a promise.
  • Curtis meets Laura for Lunch.
  • Valentin has his suspicions.
  • Hayden runs into Finn.


  • Valentin surprises Nina with a romantic gesture.
  • Maxie makes final preparations.
  • Kevin senses Laura has a hidden agenda.
  • Willow is surprised by Chase.
  • Lulu learns the truth.


  • Sonny and Carly anxiously wait.
  • Nina remains blissfully ignorant.
  • Lulu makes a confession to Dustin.
  • Kevin gains some inspiration.
  • Hayden finds a confidant in Ava.


  • Diane wants all the details.
  • Jason has questions for Dev.
  • Jax pays Carly a visit.
  • Lulu’s waits at the church.
  • Peter is uneasy about his secrets.

Up Next:

  • Spinelli makes a discovery.
  • Ava visits Ryan.
  • Elizabeth is ruthless.
  • Hayden and Finn have an awkward cross.

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