Next Week On General Hospital: September 9, 2019

Brad has kept the truth about Wiley for a long time but it hasn’t gotten any easier to keep a lid on things. What measures will he take in order to keep Wiley’s true parentage a secret? Look for Brad to turn to Julian once again for help. Will he be able to convince his father-in-law to take care of the situation with Orbect? Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Baby switches just seem very outdated and overdone. I’m not sure that I could name one that I’ve ever actually enjoyed. I love Brad and Lucas together and I don’t really see how Brad can come back from this. There was plenty of relatable drama to be had just in them choosing to adopt. It feels like the writers took the idea of this couple starting a family and thought they needed to turn it into a soap cliche.

I’m also very over most of the stories playing alongside it. I like Willow but I’m more than ready to have her do something beside fret over whether or not Shiloh will gain parental rights. Also, there is more drama if Kim finds out that because of Julian assistance in covering up the truth that another mother wasn’t allow to properly grieve her child. Of course, I not convinced that Kim will ever not be crying over Oscar so perhaps that part of the story could be played at anytime. As for Michael’s grief, I don’t feel like enough was actually done with it other than set up a potential love triangle that I don’t want to watch. Mostly, I just want these characters to have something else to do.


  • Liz is desperate to get Franco back.
  • Monica pays Andre a visit.
  • Sonny is looking to make a bargain.
  • Brad tells Julian about his latest obstacle.
  • Michael makes an observation about Wiley.


  • Brad does his best to explain.
  • Jason has an update.
  • Kim can’t help herself.
  • Peter makes a call.
  • Michael bumps into Josslyn.


  • Hayden is sympathetic to the situation.
  • Kim feels gutted.
  • Elizabeth and Sam cross paths.
  • Lulu and Charlotte do their best.
  • Olivia expresses her concerns.


  • Ava makes Julian rethink his next moves.
  • Brad gets the help he needs.
  • Sonny locates Dev.
  • Nina, Valentin, and Obrecht have cause to celebrate.
  • Jax has some unfavorable news.


  • Julian reaches out to Alexis.
  • Brad wants to know if Julian has made a decision.
  • Lulu and Dustin run into each other.
  • Laura and Curtis have a covert meeting at the park.
  • Nina shares good news with Valentin.

Up Next:

  • Obrecht requests a favor from Brad.
  • Willow sees that Michael is upset.
  • Alexis’ services are retained.
  • Shiloh testifies in his own defense.

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One thought on “Next Week On General Hospital: September 9, 2019

  1. cooks7570

    September 8, 2019 at 8:33pm

    What was the point of recasting of Valerie if we still aren’t seeing her more. Valerie is played by a new actress and no scenes with Lulu yet?

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