Next Week On General Hospital: March 9, 2020

Is TJ just avoiding Molly after she rejected his proposal or is something more sinister going on? Cyrus wanted to hit Jordan and Taggert where it hurt and that means going after their loved ones. Look for Molly and Jordan’s concern to grow. Remember to watch General Hospital daily and set your DVRs!

Even though they are rarely shown, I enjoy Molly and TJ. They’re sweet, smart, committed and very pretty. The proposal and Molly’s rejection was something that I cared about. I wish that the audience had been given more of a solid reason of what led Molly to be so against marriage. Some interaction with the other Davis girls would have gone a long way. Alexis, Sam and Kristina’s love lives are enough to scare anyone.

Jordan’s nonchalant reaction to Molly reporting that TJ hadn’t been home was a choice. Had those scenes played prior to Trina being kidnapped, her lack of concern would have made sense. Jordan should be in a rush to make sure her family doesn’t become Cyrus’ next target and knowing her son’s whereabouts should be a priority. I think it won’t be too long though before she realizes that Taggert’s family wasn’t the only target.


  • Will Alexis give in to temptation?
  • Maxie continues to support Peter.
  • Jason finds refuge at the Quartermaines.
  • Diane hatches an idea to help Michael.
  • Sasha has her doubts.


  • Neil is interrupted.
  • Julian runs into Ava.
  • Brad is issued a warning.
  • Mac hosts a gathering.
  • Jordan gets a reassuring text.


  • Sonny makes his intentions clear.
  • Neil is stunned.
  • Molly presses Jordan for information regarding TJ.
  • Brook Lynn gains some inspiration.
  • Lucas softens towards Julian.


  • Stella pays Curtis a visit.
  • Jordan is beside herself.
  • Michael is amused.
  • Sasha confides in Willow.
  • Brad is amazed.


  • Michael and Sasha have an emotional discussion.
  • Willow begins to open up about about her feelings.
  • Britt confronts Julian.
  • Sam meets with Spinelli.
  • Curtis tries to figure out what Jordan is keeping from him.

Up Next:

  • Sonny stays true to his word.
  • Jordan tells Sam to back off.
  • Maxie and Lulu trade barbs.
  • Carly and Jax discuss Josslyn’s future.

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