Super Scientific Soap Poll: Who is the right man for Ava?

General Hospital’s Ava Jerome finally has some options available to her in the romance department. Which eligible bachelor would you like to see her end up with?

Ava split up with Griffin when she discovered he had slept with her daughter. She is out for revenge but is there a thin line between love and hate? Now she has caught the eye of her therapist Kevin. Unbeknownst to her “Kevin” is really his evil twin brother Ryan pretending to be the good doctor. Can she resist the charms of a man who would kill for her? Then there is her steadfast friend and lawyer Scott. He digs her vivacious personality and together they would make a great team against mutual nemesis Sonny Corinthos. Who do think is the best match for Port Charles’ resident femme fatale? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts below in the comments!

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