The Good, The Bad and The Meh: No Ordinary Love

With a week full of preemptions, I had some time to consider what stories, characters and other elements on General Hospital I missed and what I did not.

GH has a lot to be thankful for at the moment. They have arguably the best cast on television and are managing filming during the pandemic better than their counterparts. Stories that have dragged on far too long finally appear to have ends in sight, allowing for a shift to new and hopefully much better tales. However, GH stays steps away from truly being great. The show deserves some respectable criticism.

In my first addition of “The Good, The Bad and The Meh”, I address some of the current relationships dominating the screen. GH has been struggling for years when it comes to quality romance and family interaction. While action, sci-fi, and shocking surprises maybe fun from time to time, that’s not what hooks an audience. There have been some recent improvements in the form of intriguing chemistry tests and then there have been some choices I could have lived without.

The Good

The New Potential Pairings

Needless to say, love in the afternoon is neither the current head writing teams priority or strong suit. Pairings that were intended to be hot new super couples, such as Jax and Nina, failed miserably while past popular pairings, such as Jason and Sam, lost steam. Luckily for the audience, there has been a bit of a renewed interest in finding some better matches across the canvas.

Jason and Sam’s break-up has allowed for the characters to move on in new interesting direction (at least for the time being). Jason and Britt pairing up to take down her evil brother is surprisingly entertaining. I’m not really a Jason fan but I love the story for Britt. General Hospital’s feisty chief of staff has breathed new life into a dull canvas. It’s refreshing to see someone bold enough to say what others won’t to the likes of Maxie and Peter. Jason has been with his ride-or-die for so long and Britt’s no-BS attitude could put a lot in perspective for him.

Sam and Dante are an unlikely pairing to say the least. They were cute playing a couple in Sonny’s nightmare a few years back but have never really been in each other’s orbit outside of that. The start hasn’t been great. Nobody remembers Leo (I’m sorry but it’s true) so it was unnecessary to begin with addressing the fact that they share him as a sibling. Shared siblings isn’t anything unique in the soap world. The audience will get on board regardless of the winding branches of a family tree as long as there is a spark. Sam’s interest in Dante’s unusual behavior and agreement to keep a watchful eye on him turned things in the right direction. I’m intrigued to see what happens to deepen their relationship.

The potential pairing that has really gotten my attention is Scott and Liesl. These two quirky hotties should have been thrown into each other’s orbits long ago. Franco’s father and BFF are two lonely hearts on the lookout for love after all. They’re both looking to save Franco while keeping the secret of Scott’s death punch underwraps. I’m looking forward to seeing all that tension turn romantic. Scott’s bachelor pad would make a nice love shack for them.

The Bad

Finn Might Be Chase’s Dad

GH has been teasing the idea that Finn may be Chase’s father for years. I can see where the writers may have felt that this was a loose end that need to be tied up. However, this is a dropped storyline that would have been better left alone. The issue isn’t so much the story itself as it is the pieces don’t fit, making for clunky storytelling.

As I wrote in my Best and Worst of 2020 list, this “who’s-the-daddy” really never got much attention from viewers when it was first hinted at. Not only do fans like Finn and Chase’s brotherly relationship as it is but there isn’t much desire to see “Puppy Dog Chase” dealing with a dark family secret.

In addition, the writers seem to be struggling with how to explain why Finn and Jackie would be addressing this elephant in the room nearly 30 years after the fact. It’s hard to imagine that the quirky doctor fans fell in love with would punish his father, who did nothing wrong, with silence for all these years.

This story would have perhaps worked better if the lady at the center of it all wasn’t heroic reporter Jackie Templeton. The character is a bit of a square peg for this particular plot. If Chase’s mother had been a golddigger who dated Finn before moving on to a very aware Gregory, it would have provided a better motivation for Finn’s behavior towards his father.

The Meh

Young In Love?

GH has the best teen scene right now out of all the soaps. Joss, Cameron and Trina have all become fan favorites. However, the GH writing team has wasted a lot of energy with lackluster attempts at finding a suitable fourth member for the squad. The death of Oscar (a minor character that never really connected with the audience) dragged on way past its expiration date and provided the only romance for this group of teens. Cameron – the smart and handsome jock – will be graduating from high school having never had a girlfriend. I feel that Joss and Cameron are intended to be endgame but having him wait around while nothing happens is ridiculous. There was no reason why Cameron and Trina couldn’t have dated while Joss got her grieving over her boring boyfriend in check.

What this group always needed was Spencer Cassadine. Rumors have been around for many years that Nik’s precocious offspring would be making a return to Port Charles and yet nothing has happened. The audience cares about the Cassadines not the Neros and the random kid claiming to be the son of newby Brando. His overzealous approach to falling in love would certainly have sparked things much more than the “he loves me, he loves me not” merry-go-round we’ve been on.

What tales of romance are you enjoying, hating and feeling indifferent to on GH? Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below.

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One thought on “The Good, The Bad and The Meh: No Ordinary Love

  1. Linda

    February 12, 2021 at 6:55pm

    Spot on. I do differ you on Jason Morgan ( I love the strong semi-silent type) but I agree with everything else. Cam flying solo is shockingly silly. Finn waiting 30 years ( !!!!) to find out if Chase is his brother is ridiculous. And for Port Charles sake, do bring back Spencer Cassadine. And keep Balbrecht together.

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    • Nani

      February 13, 2021 at 7:37pm

      I loooove Balbrecht! And of course how it sounds ‘ball break’ is even more descriptive of this pairing. I hope it happens. Scott is due a little romance and so is Liesl.

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  2. Carolyn

    February 13, 2021 at 11:03pm

    I differ with your opinion because you clearly have characters that you like and it shows in your writing of this article. The Britt and Jason pairing is not something 10’s of thousand fans will accept. The real Jason Morgan would never go anywhere near a character like Britt who lacks the ability to be loyal or trustworthy especially in his line of work. She has proven herself time and time again to be a parasite plus she does have some of the same qualities as Faison and Peter. Secondly she could never accept and support Jason unconditionally the way Sam has. She would take his job and use it for her own personal gain because thats who she is. To bad the writers don’t know how to write quality material for JaSam. A super couple who still has a huge fan base that can’t be denied. They would rather continously pull them apart than use their chemistry and write proper material.

    Dante and Sam have definitely never been in each other’s orbit and to make this pairing work they better dig a hellava lot deeper than they are currently doing. As things stand now its one of the oddest pairing and with them sharing a brother (Leo) and sister (Kristina) this will be a very difficult sell. Many on social media have already said they’re almost family and these 2 in a romance is nasty and disgusting to many. Not to mention he was already a danger with his PTSD and now he’s being controlled plus he walked out on his own family. He is a threat to them so explain why Sam would have him as a partner around her kids when he presents just as much danger. Plus he’s Sonny’s son and he will always just like Michael have a target on his back from other mobsters. Let’s not forget he deeply loves Lulu and made a vow to wait on her.

    As for Sam and Jason as a couple it would definitely work with proper writing, it would be steamy and she would still be the one he would turn to and trust with every part of his life if written for their pairing. Sam was always willing to accept Jason’s life because she knew he would give his life for her and their family. Sam would trust him to love, protect and support their family if the writers would give them decent writing. Its not that hard because when they’re in a room looking into each other eyes you can feel their chemistry.

    Before GH decided to cheat loyal JaSam fans by breaking them up yet again after fans were faithful and patient to GH since 2017 waiting on the promise of a big reunion they gave fans a major failure.

    Clearly this writing team lacks creativity and imagination or they wouldn’t continue to recycle the same material. Instead of taking all the steamy romance out of GH why not fix what they’ve destroyed. Right now most of the pairings fans support are not together or not sharingva real romance which comes across dry and dull most days. That’s why the ratings continue to drop. How long will they continue down this rabbit hole before they listen to fans? How many additional useless characters that bring nothing to the show and are unnecessary will they hire and waste the budget on?

    GH can also stand to speed these storylines up!
    It’s ridiculous that some are lasting 2 to 4 years and viewers loose total interest. I’ve watched GH almost 50 years and the last 2 to 3 years have lacked a lot. Maybe the producer and writers need to get familiar with what made GH so popular in the early 2000’s up to 2012. Sometimes you simply need to admit when your failing and listen to the fans and fix what they’ve destroyed.

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