History Repeating Itself: ‘The Jasoning’ Uses The Past To Shape The Future

The story of the two Jasons, or as I like to call it “The Jasoning”, is a recon of a recon of a recon of a recon…okay maybe that’s one too many retcons but you get the point. It would be naive to think that this story is going to be full of logic but that’s not the point of this soapy tale. This is about what the impact is on Jason’s friends and family as they try to decipher which gentleman is their beloved Stone Cold.

The man currently known as Jason Morgan isn’t getting a lot of love right now. Best friends Sonny and Carly have pledged their allegiance to Patient 6, convinced the leather clad action hero with Jason’s old face is the real deal. After all, their Jason would never leave them to become a media mogul! After gently telling Jason that she doesn’t believe he’s the imposter, Monica melted upon first sight of Patient 6. Even his lawyer has decided he’s the fake. Jason’s wife Sam and baby mama Liz have shown more reluctance to jump on this bandwagon. They are the ones with the most to lose.

Liz’s feelings of guilt over her deception with Jake Doe have resurfaced. Is it possible that she behaved so foolishly over the wrong man? While Jason was angered by her lie, Patient 6 offered her absolution.  Jason has worked to build a civil relationship with Liz and her lover Franco for the sake of their child, allowing her a peaceful life with the man she loves. Patient 6 isn’t willing to do that regardless of her happiness. It might be easier for her if Patient 6 turns out to be Jason’s twin brother Drew instead. Same could be said for Franco who is letting his insecurities get the better of him. I’ve joked on social media that Franco is “pulling a Liz” and that’s exactly what he’s doing. Franco is repeating Liz’s past mistake by keeping the identity of the real Jason to himself out of fear of rejection. While this story is a little stressful for Franco and Liz fans, the higher stakes can lead to higher payoff. If they are able to overcome this, they’ll be stronger in the long run.

My one major complaint with Franco and Liz’s story is that Franco’s reason for hiding the truth isn’t as fleshed out as it should be. As a friend of mine described it, it’s like a half opened umbrella. Franco should be confiding in Kiki and they have barely shared scenes in months. He has confided in his father Scotty, but his confessed motivation seems to waffle between fear that he’s a monster because of what he did to Drew and fear that Liz may dump him for the available Jason. Also the initial set up was a bit of a bumpy transition. Betsy came to Franco’s art show, disappeared to avoid telling him about his childhood friend and later confessed to Jason having a twin named Drew who died. Then Franco lied to Liz about Drew followed by quickly telling her the truth before Betsy changed her story once again. It took some of the impact out when a horrified Franco decided not to tell Liz he pushed Drew down the stairs.

Franco and Liz aren’t the only ones with romantic stakes. Sam, the love of Jason’s life, has had her perfect world shaken. The triangle between the two different versions of Jason and Sam is already taking shape. It’s not just about Sam choosing which version of Jason suits her better but about Sam choosing which version of herself she wants to be. Sam isn’t the same danger-loving girl she once was. After she lost Jason five years ago, she became focused on her role as a mother and chose men outside of the mob world such as Dr. Patrick Drake. With the birth of her second child, it has become more important for her to focus on raising her family outside of Sonny’s world. But has she really left all her days of adventure behind her?

Sam’s past came back to her in the form of Patient 6 just as she was heading towards a new future with Jason. She loves both versions of Jason so what this triangle does is examine who Sam was, is and wants to be and which man best fits that equation. As with the Patrick, Sam and Jason triangle that was teased a few years ago, there is a contrast to what both men have to offer her. One is invested in family and on his way to becoming a legit business man while the other is the hitman with a heart of gold that Sam first fell in love with. There isn’t an obvious victor in the race to win Sam’s heart and that has me very intrigued.

Even while some history is being tinkered with in order to make the existence of Jason’s twin possible, this story is capitalizing on Sam and Liz’s histories with Jason. Past and present choices are hitting close to home for them and their loved ones as they grapple with the fact that some of their decisions had less to do with Jason and more to do with their ideals of him. They’ve done some awful stuff and hurt a lot of people in order to have Jason. It’s no wonder that their current partners may be feeling a bit insecure right now. Yet I feel like Sam and Liz’s pasts are in fact in the past. Liz is very much in love with Franco and, as Rebecca Herbst stated in Soap Opera Digest, has “finally figured out what she wants out of life”. It’s different for Sam because she never moved on from Jason. Up until recently she thought the man she is married to was Jason but she’s feeling a little less confident about that fact now. If Patient 6 isn’t Jason then Sam will just continue to look towards the future she has planned with her husband. If he is Jason, Sam’s life will get a lot more complicated.


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