Turkish Series ‘Erkenci Kus’ Will Be Your New Soap Opera Addiction

It may be hard to believe the sexiest show on television is a romantic comedy from Turkey. But it is. Erkenci Kus revolves around a young woman, Sanem Aydin, who begins working at the advertising agency her sister works for after her parents force her to either grow up and get a job or marry the neighborhood buffoon, Muzaffer (whom Sanem calls Zerbercet). She quickly falls for her boss, the wild and ruggedly handsome Can Divit. Unfortunately, it’s not all heart eyes and magical moments for this couple. As Can’s younger brother, Emre, plots to steal the company away from him with the help of the evil Aylin, he pulls an unsuspecting Sanem into his devious plans of betrayal.

In addition to trying to figure out who and what to trust, Sanem is also looking for her mysterious “Albatross”, a man who kisses her in the dark at a party. Unbeknownst to her, the Albatross is closer than she thinks—in the form of Can Divit. To make matters worse, Sanem gets caught up in her own lie and ends up pretending she’s engaged to a non-existent suitor—furthering the complicated web she’s enmeshed in.

Sounds intriguing right? But Erkenci Kus is more than just intriguing—it’s flat out addictive.

The show airs on Saturday, streaming live from the Star TV YouTube channel in its native Turkish language. However, that doesn’t stop fans around the world (yours truly included) from tuning in for 2 solid hours to a show in a language they don’t understand and then staying up until the wee morning hours to download the episode with English subtitles.

Buzz about the show is spreading like wildfire on Twitter thanks in part to the very attractive leads played by actors Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir. It’s their undeniable chemistry that have so many of us hooked. Unlike on most American shows, the physical side of the romance shown is minimal. Instead we get a lot of what we fans like to call PSI (personal space invasion). Can and Sanem (or CanEm as their ship is called) bring more chemistry with an intimate longing stare or near kiss than almost any “reel” couple I have ever seen. I recently told a friend that while it’s hard to pinpoint what it is about CanEm that makes them so addictive, I know I’ve never experienced a couple like this before. It almost feels as if we’re spying on personal intimate moments between two people falling in love. You FEEL what they feel. When their hearts are pounding, your heart is pounding. And when their hearts are breaking, your own shatters.

Many of us heard about the show through GIFs and pics posted by fans on Twitter and were instantly attracted to the leads without even knowing who they were. I asked a few other EK fans to tell me why this show means so much to them and why they think it’s becoming so popular.

@Hails12342: “It’s the way he looks at her the intensity of his gaze is unlike anything I’ve ever seen or could imagine. The two actors’ ability to take you from a scene and make you feel like you were in real time watching their insane-chemistry-filled relationship progress, is amazing and bordering voyeurism.”

@DaniCinClubCoCap: “When I first heard Erkenci Kus was a Turkish TV show I thought you’re crazy, then saw Can Yaman shirtless & thought I shouldn’t be too quick to judge. I watched the first episode & before it was done, I was so far down a Turkish rabbit hole with CanEm I never came back up. I don’t remember my life before it & I don’t want to think of my life after it, but for right now it has bewitched me mind, body & soul, believe me it does things to you & I highly recommend you join us on this #CanEm ship your life will never be the same again.”

@ItsSusalyn: “While scrolling through my Twitter feed, I came upon some friends sharing pics and talking about this show called EK, the physical beauty of the two lead actors attracted me to watch. I quickly fell in love with the characters of Can and Sanem, and in my life have never seen such a natural connection or chemistry between 2 actors. With all the physical restrictions this show has on the actors, these 2 manage to make it work. I have also grown to love the other characters and how they relate to the main story. I can honestly say for myself as someone who was never interested in watching TV with subtitles, EK has changed my thoughts. The love story, the family values, culture, traditions, and the writing are amazing and I cannot stress enough how good EK is, I literally sit for 3 hours every Saturday watching a foreign show I cannot understand, then stay up till all hours of the night waiting for English subtitles to watch again, and I am perfectly happy to do it.

Erkenci Kus is an addictive love story that will have you in its grip from the first episode but be warned—watching Erkenci Kus isn’t like watching a regular show—it quickly becomes a way of life.

Now is the perfect time to get caught up on this fun and invigorating show. New episodes of Erkenci Kus can be seen following the show’s hiatus, starting January 26, 2019.

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