Up Next On General Hospital: January 27, 2020

With the impeachment hearings, it’s unclear what episodes of General Hospital will be shown this week. This is a tease of what’s ahead once regular scheduled programing returns.

Those in charge at General Hospital will monitor the news coverage and continue to update on social channels as soon as they know when new episodes will return. You may follow the show on Twitter at @GeneralHospital.

The Quartermaines will have their hands full thanks to the of the ladies in Michael’s life – Nelle and Sasha – moving into the mansion. The house might not be big enough for the baby mama and current flame. Michael hasn’t always made the wisest choices, something his family will make note of. Tracy has had ELQ on her mind since her return to Port Charles. She’ll be more than happy to help put someone else in charge of the family business.

Meanwhile, Brad’s bizarre behavior has not gone unnoticed. Willow questions what’s got the lab tech so anxious. Is the devastating secret about to come to light? With Julian, Nelle, and Liesl all aware of the truth, expect some big consequences when Lucas eventually wakes up. Will he remember what Brad told him just before the crash and if so, what will he do with the information? Can Brad and Lucas’ marriage survive such a deception?

Nikolas put greed above being a present father, son and friend. His return has not been met with a lot of warmth as a result. Expect Liz’s happiness to have her friend back to change gears once his part in Hayden’s disappearance comes to light. Finn will have a confrontation with Nikolas regarding the absences of Violet’s mother. Will the prince be left with anyone on his side? Perhaps his blushing bride could be a kindred spirit.

Valentin is not having a very good 2020 and the year has just started! Not only has he lost his title, wealth and Nina but Lulu is ready to claim full custody of their daughter. At least he has Martin on his side. When Valentin finds himself on the receiving end of a court order, he’s not going to respond well. Will he be able to regain everything he has lost? Not if Jax and Nina continue to grow closer.

The return of Taggert will cause drama for both sides of the law. Just how close were Jordan and Taggert in the past? Commitment hasn’t always been Jordan’s strong suit. Could an old relationship put her marriage to Curtis to the test? What’s the connection to Taggert and Jordan’s friend’s death and the mob’s latest conflict? When innocent bystanders are caught in the crosshairs, Jason could find himself with a lot of questions to answer. What will this mean for Sam and his family? A possible ally to could lend a hand.

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